Travel to the Maldives resort


A few days ago we returned from a wonderful 9 day trip to the Maldives, a heavenly and idyllic destination that many consider unattainable or only for the rich. In this article we want to deny many myths and give you the keys and tips for travel to the Maldives Without being a billionaire.

Tips for travel to the Maldives: how to organize a trip to paradise

It's not a cheap vacation, but travel to paradise It is not so unattainable as many think. We have in mind the idea of resorts Super luxury, but there are also three and four star hotels with very good prices and excellent service.

Garden Bungalow in Kuredu from $ 250 per night

During the trip we stayed in three islands resort: Kuredu, Vilamendhoo and Meeru, located in three different atolls (Lhaviyani, South of Ari and North of Male). The price of a room garden villa (inside room) is between $ 250 and $ 350 for two all-inclusive people except some excursions and activities. The price varies according to the season of the year. For example, June and July are low season and the two weeks before Christmas the occupation usually goes down and good offers can be found.

Vilamendhoo Beach Villa from $ 300 per night

And well thought out, $ 250 is not so much money. What would a hotel night in London or New York cost plus the daily meals of two people? Surely more than that amount. Let's see: a double room in New York, more or less central, does not fall from 120-150 euros. If we add that to 50 euros per person for two meals a day, we easily exceed 200 euros. Almost what you pay for one garden villa One day in the Maldives. Flights are not as little as expensive as many think. Offers can now be found from € 400 and a standard rate costs between € 600 and € 700.

Water Villa with Jacuzzi in Meeru from $ 500 per night

It is also possible to travel to islands not occupied by hotels, such as Maafushi or Guraidhoo and stay in small hotels or bead & breakfast. This option is spreading more and more. Prices start at $ 50 per night and although it may take time to access these accommodations by public transport, it's very cheap (Be careful because public ferries don't work on Fridays). On the other hand, if you want to stay in a resort but you want to save money, it is best to stay on the same island throughout the stay and so you will save on seaplanes or boats.

Water villas in Kuredu

I thought that in the Maldives there was nothing interesting to do. I thought it was a destination for people who just like to make the "croquette" on the beach all day and that's why I had never considered travel to the Maldives. However, I was surprised how wrong I was. And we don't stop!

If you are an active person and you like the sea, Maldives is your destination. You simply need to select the ideal island for your interests. For example, if you like snorkeling or snorkeling, Vilamendhoo It is your paradise. It has an amazing coral reef on the same beach and you can spend hours in the water watching the seabed without getting bored. In addition, from this island you can make excursions to swim with whale sharks or see turtles or striped blankets.

On the contrary, if you prefer to be relaxed on the beach or in the pool and do the occasional session of snorkel, Kuredu or Meeru They are your place.

Maldives has 1200 islands and only 200 are inhabited. When choosing accommodation, you can go to a resort or to a normal island. Both options are valid, but keep in mind that Maldives is an Islamic country governed by sharia and that women have to maintain decency when dressing, that is, wear clothes that arrive below the knees and short sleeves. In addition, you cannot bathe on the beach with a bikini unless it is an area designated for that purpose on the island.

Instead, in the resorts there are no restrictions on clothing (although the topless) neither with the consumption of alcohol or pork, so for the non-Islamic tourist everything is simpler.

What clothes to wear to a resort in the Maldives

The islands usually have a temperature more or less than 30 degrees all year round. The label used in the resorts is tropical-casual, so forget about long dresses and high heels. In fact, hotel complexes are shoe-less islands (islands without shoes) since even the floor of the restaurants is sandy beach and you can go barefoot or with hawaiian. Before entering the room there are taps or vessels with water to clean your feet before entering the room. Obviously, on the beach you can go in a swimsuit but you can't do it topless, and to enter the restaurants to eat you have to put on clothes.

Carry a team of snorkel

If you are passionate about snorkel It is a good idea to bring your own equipment with mask, tube and fins. Anyway, you can rent the equipment in the resort for $ 9 a day or $ 45 for six days. In addition, it is advisable to wear a sunscreen shirt, a swimsuit that covers the ass and put on a lot of sunscreen a little before doing the activity. Think that when it's done snorkel It is a long time upside down looking at the sea floor with its back to the sun. So it is very easy to burn your back and ass if you do not go carefully.

If you want to take pictures, the best is a Go Pro type water camera, but you have to put a red filter or the photos will be too green. We took a Yi camera without a filter and the photos were very green. So for excursions of whale sharks and ray blankets we rent a Go Pro Hero 4 Silver with red filter and mango for $ 39 a day in it resort.

Photo without red filter

If you have never done surface diving, in the resorts They usually do an introductory course, which is usually included in the price. Whenever you go out to do snorkel You have to record at the reception that you have left and ask how the currents are. Some areas of the islands have currents and it is advisable not to swim through them. And above all: be very careful to avoid swimming over the corals, so as not to touch them or touch them with the fins, as they are very delicate.